Recent Posts Shortcodes

The recent posts shortcode add your recent blog posts anywhere you’d like. To add your recent blog posts, use the pencil and paper icon in the text editor:


When you click on the recent posts icon the following default shortcode should be inserted:

[symple_blog count="-1" columns="3" pagination="false" thumbnail_crop="true" thumbnail_hard_crop="true" title="true" excerpt="true" excerpt_length="15" read_more="true" category_id="" tag_id="" style="news"]

Make changes to shortcode parameters to customize your recent posts.

Customizable Parameters

  • count: set the number of recent blog posts to show (or -1 for all)
  • columns: set how many columns you’d like to show
  • pagination: set to “true” to paginate your posts based on the count and column parameters above
  • thumbnail_crop: set to “true” to crop the thumbnails, otherwise the full size image will be shown
  • thumbnail_hard_crop: set to “true” to crop the thumbnails to a square
  • title: set to “true” to show the blog post titles
  • excerpt: set to “true” to show blog excerpts
  • excerpt_length: set the number of words for the excerpts
  • read_more: set to “true” to show a read more link
  • category_id: show only blog posts from a specific category by referencing the category id number
  • tag_id: show only blog posts with a specific tag by referencing the tag id numbers
  • style: leave blank to show large images, or set to “News” for the news style

Example (news style)